2019 is new China holds water 70 years. 70 years encourage act vigorously is entered, our country produced tremendous change. This day rises, new capital newspaper rolls out “ gallant struggle 70 years column of new era ” , the brilliant course that reveals a republic adequately 70 years, show 18 big since historic change. Recently, window staff member adorns “ shallow lake is small 2 ” badge is pushed in the round in service center of Haidian region government affairs, ” of Xiaohai of “ of fictitious figure robot is entered at the same time be stationed in hall spot to answer doubt, haidian area optimizes battalion business environment to enter 2 edition to upgrade again. Before the end of the year, haidian general implementation does ” on palm of “ of item of 400 areas class, make supermarket of 24 hours of uninterrupted government affairs, whole area “ of 100 high frequency item runs at most ” or “ need not run ” . Spot of fictitious figure robot answers floor area of service center of government affairs of doubt Haidian region 36 thousand square metre, conduct many 2600 business on average everyday, half an year is accumulated come down to exceed 340 thousand. Inside government affairs service center, window staff member is unified adorn “ shallow lake is small 2 ” badge. This year on June 5, “ shallow lake is small 2 ” hang out his shingle formally mount guard. The one big characteristic that serves brand construction as window of government affairs service center, “ shallo密云蓝尊ktv包房价格w lake is small 2 ” people need to accomplish “ laugh to be greeted, laugh to ask, laugh to send, do, the window that does ” immediately serves “ 5 standards ” , and “ is not barratrous, not shuffle, do not say not the &ldqu丰台哪里有小保健的按摩店o; of ” 3 not ” acceptance. In service center of Haidian government affairs 2, can hear Xiaohai ” is in “ of fictitious figure robot to greet sb with everybody. ” of Xiaohai of “ of fictitious figure robot can undertake with the applicant intelligence speaks not only, answer for what its provide registration book field doubt serves, the se密云不正规的足疗按摩店lf-help that still can provide relevant data according to the problem inquires download serves, the applicant needs to scan only 2 dimension code can顺义牛栏山足浴 undertake download. Haidian put in self-help to hit inside government affairs service center inquire machine of an organic whole according to machine and company record self-help. Self-help is hit according to machine function diversity, operation simple, the person that海淀区家庭式按摩 do poineering work is OK self-help is printed, receive business patent. Current, outside dividing government affairs service center, the poineering garden area such as garden of Haidian area poineering center, Dong Shengke ability already also introduced self-help to hit according to machine, let an enterprise never leave home can self-help prints business charter. It is reported, machine of an organic whole of inquiry of company record self-help is the own research and development that Haidian area takes the lead in putting in in whole town new-style equipment, it broke traditional window pattern, will former site is accepted, the examine and verify, conformity that print brushs a face for “ ” identifying, certificate is read take, 2 dimension pile up scanning electron business charter, and support the spot of company record be printed quickly and U dish the copy downloads. Haidian region market supervises management board to raise Wen Li to express, the right that inquires company record puts a company, the enterprise is followed with along with check, do not n旧宫上门spa北京百姓网eed to queue up. Already put 6 similar tripartite on service equipment at present, future still will put in more, the likelihood popularizes doorway of office building of every high end. Government affairs serves reform to enter “ to take the place of temporarily”Haidian area introduces, current, innovation of service of Haidian region government affairs already entered “ in the round one net, one window, , the “ of a day of ” and ” of “ multiterminal syncretic takes the place of temporarily ” . For example, the enterprise wants to be referred to the spot before modificatory business, need probably a week time. Can operate on the net now, 1-2 weekday can be accepted entirely finish, obtain license. Haidian relies on advantage of innovation of science and technology, take the lead in starting area piece chain in whole town technical application is pilot. With praedial trade setting is exemple, share through relevant data on catenary, handle affairs personnel need not submit the data such as id card of capital home town, marriage certificate or divorce card, house property card again. Data of spot nucleus test is decreased by 7 reach 1, nuclear check time is decreased by 15 minutes to 2 minutes, handle affairs efficiency is able to promote. Help of technology of area piece catenary examines and approve personnel to come than be opposite through data true bogus of material of test and verify, risk carry out duty also is reduced somewhat. It is reported, before the end of the year, the one net of “ of item of government affairs service that Haidian will realize 70% above is connected do ” , realize “ in whole area what one window ” deals with is complete enclothe, item of 400 areas class will ” can do on “ palm, make supermarket of 24 hours of uninterrupted government affairs, realize whole area “ of 100 high frequency item runs at most ” or “ need not run ” . Does community of wisdom of first 5G of window whole nation declare one’s views Haidian wisdom e顺义麦樽ktvntrance guard, high-definition video to photograph does like syncretic of head, testimony of a witness, person facial identifying, plate identify …… what kind of setting is these high-tech equipment are centered in a village? On July 3 afternoon, village of garden of strong north of sign of road of Zhuang Jie of peace and tranquility of north of Beijing Haidian area with the whole nation first “5G+AIoT (net of couplet of intelligent other people) the capacity of ” of new-style wisdom community appears formally. According to introducing, this new-style wisdom community is a foundation with 5G network, at the same time have the aid of AI (artificial intelligence) , IoT (content couplet net) , the core technology such as computation of big data, cloud. The reporter sees in the spot, stick on the glass of room of entrance guard of the door austral the village have model of written characters of ” of computer room of “5G+AIoT wisdom community, hang on indoor wall have a big screen, showing the model of whole village and dot bitmap. What deploy of community of responsible 5G wisdom builds is special this couplet (Beijing) Zhao Li of controller of limited company of science and technology introduces, the “5G wisdom community that this is a village applies platform ” , propose modular way through 3D, use boat to pat a technology to have section to every building, through equipment the intelligent system such as perception, fire control perception, person face perception, general perception reflects village condition in real time, implementation turns management subtly. Entrance guard of wisdom of AI technology implementation, without feeling is general Li Lin of 71 years old lives in 4 unit of 13 building this year, live all the time from village building here, quite deep to the metabolic feeling of unit door. The door before “ is wood door, time grew the door to be dropped, feel without what safety. ” develops as the times, begin to北京陪游多少钱 change door of guard against theft, although have,the password is banned with the door that brush card, but still be somebody informal pass in and out. Last year, village of garden of annals strong north begins to install person face to identify system of wisdom entrance guard in every dweller Loudong. Current, 51 unit doors already installed the village entirely finish, gather the information of many 2800 village dweller in all. Nowadays, the dweller can ban card, mobile phone card to open the door through the door not only, still can identify implementation to not have through person face feeling is general. Upper part of every unit door is photographed of like the head, go to leave rice or an about 1 1.5 meters space, the system can identify resident information automatically, information matched the door to leave. “ did not think of 5G also entered community, in entering us to live. ” Li Lin plaints. System of wisdom entrance guard returns convenient community to monitor the situation of empty nest old person at any time. Zhao Li tells a reporter, village the old person of 70 years old of above, if exceed 24 hours to did not go out, the system can dial a telephone automatically, let an old person do affirm in safety, if did not affirm, community staff member can come to visit. Village of garden of annals strong north still uses 5G, NB-IoT (net of tape content couplet) wait for technology of broadband, tape to realize community the extensive of of all kinds equipment is in perception. For example, wait for the transmission of tall bandwidth requirement through direct seeding of video of community of 5G technology implementation, real time, when special need, realize specific to community limits video of large-scale, high quality capture of real time direct seeding. House appoint meeting intelligence robot can manage technology of NB-IoT of hundreds business have the aid of, can be opposite the application that does not need big bandwidth is offerred more economic network, if feeling of dynamoelectric bicycle guard against theft, wireless smoke calls the police, dustbin is brimmed over with inform, the well builds intelligence of mobile water level to monitor wait for a function. The reporter sees in village of garden of annals strong north, add with ash-bin lid inside below well lid installed intelligent sensor. Zhao Li introduces, if well lid produces displacement, or ash-bin is brimmed over with degree achieve 90%-95% , the system can call the police in real time and push automatically send to terminal platform. Community of garden of annals strong north is resided appoint can set facility of two intelligence robot, government affairs robot can realize the conduction of business of 300 multinomial government affairs, alarm Wu robot can realize about 113 alarm the conduction of Wu business. According to introducing, intelligent robot can offer routine to seek advice for community dweller, guide and conduct a service, consistent old one small social security is registered with deal with, family planning policy seeks advice, senile card is dealt with seek advice etc. Still can pass the linkage with basic level police station, the dweller door politics the buy before the advisory business that conducts with Id is resided to community appoint meeting, more dweller of facilitating old age never leave home implementation seeks advice. Secretary of community of garden of annals strong north holds director Liu Qinggong concurrently to express, intelligent robot assumed a lot of answering doubt dispels doubts the job, reduced community to reside greatly appoint the workload of the meeting, rose to handle affairs efficiency. The field serves in wisdom provide for the aged, village of garden of annals strong north sets stage of provide for the aged, still adorned for the old person equipment of intelligent hand annulus. This equipment has the health that monitor body ask forring, prevent lose wait for a function, if discovery is unusual,meet early-warning, dak staff member can be answered very in time according to monitoring data to do. Children also can download mobile phone App, know healthy state of parents at any time.

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